WLtoys 10428 – RC Car Design And Features Review

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Are you a lover of ready to run (RTC)? Then, you have to buy and enjoy the great experience of WLtoys 10428. It is a powerful and high-end solid RC car that favored by many RC fans. You can run this car on the desert, road, rocks, muddy, and grass roads, even the hills too. Apparently, it is the most popular for its fashionable design. You can have much entertaining from this decent RC car.

Design of the WLtoys 10428:

The net weight of the car is 1850g, and the dimension is 150*245*195*mm/ 17.7*9.6*7.7. The wltoys 10428 has other accessories such as 2.4 GHz receiver, cross battery charger, 7.4V 2200mAh LiPo battery and instruction manual. It has 300mm wheelbase, 110mm wheel diameter, 70mm ground clearance, and 35mm wheel width. Because of the high quality, you can see it as a little heavier, but still, it can be used powerfully.

WLtoys 10428 – hardware and features:

This Ready To Run rc cars has four-wheel drive system, which supported over 100meters remote control. It requires four AA batteries for carriage’s battery but not counting the package. It is actually built with 7.4V 2200mAH LiPo battery that has 120.5g weight. It takes around three hours for completely charged and it could support flying for 10 minutes.

This RC car drives with 540 motor high torque and sustains its haste up to 50Km/Hr. Moreover, the car has 2.4Ghz 2CH occupied relative control via 100m control range and two hammers front suspension.

Additionally, it comes with a straight back bridge for supporting long travel suspension. Whether you use it on the flat roads, desert, or another environment, you can feel that it could run very stably and controllably.

The car is already decorated with the ornamental plastic shell so that you get a complete armored roll-cage construction. It enhances overall stiffness as well as defends the valuable internal parts. At this phase, the first item to be noticed is that all the screws are equal in pattern and size. Thus, it is creating an easy to disassemble and accumulate.

Due to its soft spring feature, it gives a great performance while climbing and crawling. Car’s high strength body structure gives durability, and its inner sponge provides high-grip for rubber tires. Both front and back differential gives a more stable performance.

There is a real replaceable spare tire on the back. Transporter center points on the back are settled to the carriage via free suspension to offer a better measure of flex when you have a long travel.

Out of which, a big size back lit LCD display is much noticeable that have TX battery power status shown. The delivered transmitter is very decent and permits great control plus turning towards the car’s control and aptitudes. This car has numerous advantages such as high-end performance, excellent craftsmanship, and durable design.

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