Monday 19 February 2018
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Tips On Troubleshooting Endoscopy Machines

Endoscopy machines are quite prevalent in modern hospital settings. The only issue is when one of them decides to break down or stop working at the utmost wrong time. In times like this, it is good to have the knowledge on how to troubleshoot the device so that you are able to tell if the problem is serious or if it can be fixed quickly.

The firs thing to check when the machine starts to malfunction is the power source. More often than not, this will be the issue so it is wise to check here first. Most times the endoscopy machine will be on a cart that has various other equipment as well. Thus, there will a power surge protector power strip attached to this cart so that each device has its own power source. Only this power strip will be needed to plug into the external wall outlet. Make sure the plug is we;;-seated into the plug, as there are occasions when the plug may crowded by other devices with oddly-shaped plugs. Rememberthat all power should be set to the “off” position when plugging in or unplugging the endoscopy machine.

Fiber optic light source cables are a standard part of all endoscopy. There may be times when the cables are not operating up to the par that the staff is used to. In this case, scan the cord for any pinprick holes or punctures which may have inadvertently caused damage to the cables. Check for any signs of moisture as liquid can cause harm to the cables within the cord itself. If there is a decreased light capacity coming from the endoscopy machine, then there is probably damage to the fiber optic bundles. If this is the case, then an endoscope repair technician will be needed to be called in.

Remember to be alert for any deficiencies coming from the machine. The endoscopy device is one of the most important machines which can be had in the hospital or clinic room so it must be treated with the utmost of care.