Tuesday 24 April 2018
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The Issues With The iPhone 7 Plus

Apple may be the world leader when it comes to phones, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make mistakes. In order to stay ahead of the pack with cutting-edge developments, they need to take risks. And with risks come blunders and oversights. When it comes to the latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the biggest two slip-ups involve its Jet Black color option and itsjackless hardware.3

First thing’s first: the issue with Jet Black

As with any new generation, Apple released a couple of new color options for its customers. Hardly ground-breaking, they’re usually something like Space Grey, Rose Gold, or, in the case of the 7 and 7 Plus, Jet Black. While it gives off an ultra-cool vibe, there’s a serious drawback to this particular option. Its shiny exterior makes it incredibly easy to damage.  You’ll leave behind obvious fingerprints and smudges on its surface. Then there’s the issue of the Jet Black highlighting every scratch, dent, and scuff that marks the phone. Most dangerous is the fact that its slippery coating makes it difficult to keep in your hands, and, as a result, it has a higher chance of meeting the ground with a heartbreaking crack.

The Solution

Apple may have dropped the ball here, but at least there’s an easy fix. The manufacturers of the best iPhone 7 Plus skins must have seen this issue coming years in advance because they’ve created air-tight coverings solving all of these issues for the last 5 years. Since they use vinyl in all of their skins iPhone 7s are protected from sharp objects, rough surfaces, and careless handling that may result in cosmetic damages. It’s also incredibly easy to grip (so keeping the Plus in your hands where it belongs is just as easy), and its surface is grime- and water-resistant. Once applied, an iPhone 7 Plus skin means you don’t have to be buffing smudges away from its surface.

Second on the docket: the lack of headphone jacks

Apple has embraced the idea of wireless technology, so it’s designed the latest generations without a jack. They’ve done this with the hopes that you invest in their wireless ear buds, the EarPods, which connect to the phone’s Lightning connector port without the need of wires. There’s just one thing: that’s an added expense on top of an already expensive phone.

The Solution

If you aren’t convinced wireless ear buds will stay in your ear while you make your way around town, there’s an alternative to EarPods. There are plenty of companies that offer adapters for the 7 and 7 Plus, including Appleoddly enough. These products plug into the charger still present at the bottom of the phone and have a port for your average headphone to connect with.

For the most part, the newest iPhone is a great piece of technology. Luckily, its biggest weaknesses are easily overcome with the addition of simple and affordable accessories. As long as you have a tailor-made iPhone 7 skin and a headphone jack adapter, you can have the best of what Apple has to offer without any of the drawbacks.