Tuesday 24 April 2018
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 Digital art comes in different forms that include watercolors, impressionisms, and realism. It gives the designers the advantage of simpler work; still, aside from that, there are still other motives why many people are attracted to learning and doing digital arts. Although, there are also some drawbacks of digital art, still many people use it. Digital art is one way to express creativity in different ways. Here are some of the reasons why digital art is famous.

Advantages of Digital Art.

Computers Are Easier to Manage. Everything one needs to create a layout is just to acquire a drawing tablet, a PC and a software that you could use while lounging in a cushy chair. Why would an artist ever use anything else to create a piece of art? Well, perhaps computers are not highly all-encompassing instruments that they’re attracted to.

It Could Be Copied with Accuracy. Digital art is perfect for publication as it will always have the same appearance, it will not be affected by the physical environment by any means. In addition, it offers endless opportunities. Digital art could be endlessly explored; there are so many numerous forms of functions or brushes that it would take you the time to try them all out. Digital designers could easily create outputs that traditional artists would never be able to carry out.

It’s Easier Than Customary Platforms. For example, when painting an aquarelle, you’ll need all forms of materials such as paints, paint brushes, water, papers, and tissues. It takes time to arrange all of this and maintain all of those instruments. When painting digitally, you don’t need to worry about your brushes accidentally falling on paintings or replacing water every time when in it’s not usable anymore. Everything is already there and you only have to be comfortable in front of your computer. On top of that, digital art can be edited anytime you want, how many times you want and whenever you want unlike physical paintings whereafter it’s completed, that’s it.

It’s More Forgiving Than Customary Platforms. Once you make a mistake, you can just press the undo button and try all over again. Traditional art can’t be deleted just like that – all the things you place on the sheet, wood, or paper will most possibly stay in that manner. There isn’t a lot of space for mistakes when working traditionally.

Disadvantages of Digital Art.

It’s Faster Than Customary Platforms. This is also a disadvantage as it takes away the magical sensation while working on drawings and paintings done by hand. If working customarily, you’re creating something authentic or tangible with errors – digital art takes this authentic sensation away for the most parts. It’s in the progress of paintings that the real magic occurs. Imperfection is what makes customary art so charming and valuable.

It delivers endless possibilities. It offers endless chances, yet one still needs the artistry to make use of those possibilities. It doesn’t suffice to simply duplicate things from other designers. You have to be able to think creatively and be authentic yourself even when it seems like everything has already been done.

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