Tuesday 24 April 2018
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Reviews And Testimonials – The Importance As It Relates To SEO And Online Marketing Efforts

Everyone is a buyer, even you. What is the first thing that you check when you buy something? Probably the quality, the brand or the price. While the price and the brand can also be checked when you do the purchase online but it will be difficult for you to check the quality.

This is where the reviews or the testimonials of those who have already bought, tried and tested the item start to matter. The more positive reviews a product or business gets the better chance that the buyer will push through buying. Therefore, reviews and testimonials are not only significant for buyers but also to business owners.

Its Significance Among Business Owners

Business owners and administrators should always ensure that they are able to get as much reviews and testimonials from their clients. While there are some that actually offers theirs as part of their buying experience, there are also many that cares less on leaving testimonials or reviews on online shopping sites.

This is why some business owners and site developers make it easy for customers to leave reviews in the form of ratings. Still, there are some more who do not automatically leave their ratings while some find it hard to go back just to help improve the marketing strategy of the site.

This is where the marketing techniques of the online business owner or its admins will show. One of the many ways is to get international SEO services, which specifically works when you want to target the international arena. This may be organic while others may be solicited or paid. The main importance here is that the ones creating the reviews or testimonials are real people and are customers of the site, too.

In cases like this, the reviews and testimonials that will be found on the web is almost always positive. Others are wise, though, they usually thrown in a bad or two on the product or service just to ensure that the review will look a little less favorable to the business. This also makes the review look more organic and fair.

What To Do When There’s Negative Testimonials or Reviews?brw

In the case that the review or testimonial is negative, it is most important to get back to the customer who feels that the service or product is not as what he or she thought would be. SEO specialists also has a way of making the negative review vanish, and that is through bombarding that certain thread with positive reviews until the negative testimonial is already buried and nowhere to find in the first two or three pages of reviews.

A simple review or testimonial can definitely make or break a business, product, or service. This is a major opportunity for business owners and administrators to invest on. With a little help on SEO, this can truly change the course of a business.

In fact, video testimonials can increase the conversion in your email marketing to doctors. According to Hubspot, utilizing the word ‘video’ in the email subject can improve open rates to 19%, lessens unsubscription by 26% and click-through rates by approximately 65%.

For even easier and effective use of SEO in reviews and testimonials, contact a trustworthy SEO company. It surely has the best choices of strategies that will truly work on your business, products, or services.