Monday 19 February 2018
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How Does IP-Based Video Surveillance Work?

The first type of security camera that came into existence was the analog kind. The analog security cameras could only be used for recording purpose, but they were unable to transmit any live information. The camera footages were also not clear and the only places where they were used were in supermarkets and retail stores.

With the advancements in technology, the analog security cameras were enhanced and a new type of security camera called IP security camera was introduced. With the enhancement in the camera’s features, the IP camera can now connect to the internet and also get clearer and sharper images from the footage. If you are worried about anything like Hikvision security concerns, you can use IP cameras as the concerns are minimal here.

The working of IP-based security camera is not very complex. There is a digital camera that records all the activities happening in front. Then it broadcasts all the video images in the form of digital signals over the Local Area Network (LAN) line. From this LAN line, the video images are transferred to either a server or a computer.

The best part about IP security cameras is that they can be customised based on the requirements. For example, you can flag certain items for future reference or play a particular video image as many times as you want. In addition to this, you can also make the software package of the security camera to analyse all the associated data.

All the IP-based security cameras operate with the help of CCD cameras. These cameras process the signals and create data packets for easy transmission. These small packets of video are transmitted to the Local Area Network through a Cat 5 cable. In earlier security cameras, a coax cable network was used, but this has been replaced in the new cameras so that IP or TCP communication along with the bandwidth can be utilized in a better way.

If the IP cameras are compared to analog cameras, then the former is better because they also offer data mining and retrieve the data in an intelligent manner. If, at any instance, there is a breach of security, the IP cameras can perform data encryption operation so that the images of the video footages are not tampered in any way.

This is how an IP camera operates. If you are looking for an ideal security camera for your business, we recommend you to invest in an IP camera.