Tuesday 24 April 2018
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Fulfillment Operations and How They Work

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Order fulfilment is a fast-growing area of logistics in the world. As consumer goods demand grows higher and higher, the need for third party operations to help fulfil these orders has become a necessity. Fulfillment operations offer an excellent solution for busy distribution and logistics services in the form of warehousing and shipping help.

Fulfillment operations companies act to make it easier not just for large companies with excessive amounts of orders to complete but for smaller companies who have to decide where best to spend their money. For many smaller companies who have distribution as part of their work there can be issues with limitations from all direction. Limited time, money, space or staff are all very real issues for small distribution companies and that’s where fulfillment operations come into play.

If you’re thinking about using a fulfillment company to distribute your goods then you need to consider the fact that the first step in the process is getting the goods to them in the first place. If you source your products from a wholesaler or manufacturer then this is simple enough as all it takes is a change of delivery address. If you are manufacturing your own goods then this can be slightly more complicated however once the products are with the fulfillment company it is a weight off your mind.

Once they have your products in their care the fulfillment operations company will then log your inventory and store it, much like a warehouse would. They should take heed of your sales history and use this to help them coordinate a more user-friendly storage plan where they have a deep storage section for the majority of your inventory and a smaller area that can be used very quickly to fulfil the most pressing orders. When customers place orders from this point forwards you will pass this information forwards to the fulfillment company and they will deal with the distribution side of the order.

Bringg are one of the biggest brands that are changing the way distribution works on a global scale. Using the technology, they have to offer you will be able to send all order information straight through to the fulfillment operations company so that the order can be completed straight away. Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your distributions technology or are just looking for a bit of inspiration they will be able to help massively.

Fulfillment operations are a fast-growing area of the commercial world and the benefits are massive for companies both large and small. Whether you’re using them to save on space, money, staffing or any other reason, they can take the entire distribution side of a business and make it simple and flow more readily. Using a fulfillment company is one of the smartest moves for companies who are looking to grow but are struggling for the means to do this. It’s like an extension on your company but without having to sort out too much extra paperwork.