Enjoy the Best Playback Option through the Tough Elmedia Player

Published On May 10, 2017 | By Novak Robert | Tech

Whatever kind of file you have, it will no more be a problem for you to play it because with Elmedia Player everything gets played seamlessly.

If you are puzzled about how to play video on mac you can sit back now because this player does it all for you easily.

The Video and audio playback options of Elmedia Player is just outstanding. In fact, you can now enjoy flawless audio and videos and it does not matter what kind of file you are playing. This player will play all kinds of file be it MOV, FLAC, MKV, MP4, DAT, M4V, MP3, etc, practically anything that you want to play. You also get freedom from all kinds of plugins and codecs since this app is more than happy to perform everything for your files playback.

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With Elmedia Player comes with a great hardware accelerated decoding and so you will be able to enjoy absolutely smooth HD experience. Now you can even enjoy this player in your Apple TV.

Highlights of this player

  • Audio and video playback options
  • It will now play and support multiple tracks
  • Now the full-screen mode comes with an option, which monitor offers you a full-screen video
  • Along with the other active apps you can easily get this app pinned
  • Comes with suitable volume control
  • Controlling and playing the playlist was never so easy
  • Image gets aptly set as per the screen size
  • You can even adjust the playback speed
  • Now you can enjoy audio or video in a nonstop loop
  • Player can even load external audio tracks

Video and audio setting gets adjusted with flexible options

  • Rotate, or vertically flip, mirror videos or simply get it back to its original state.
  • You can quickly and as per your liking get the saturation, brightness, color, contrast and other settings get adjusted.
  • Now syncing subtitles to the videos gets easier, if it was not properly synced initially.
  • You get the feasibility to select the language for the audio and subtitles when the files provide you multiple audio streams and subtitle.
  • Adjusting the sound for different kinds of rooms, genre and speakers too gets so handy, due to the presence of an efficient equalizer. Go about picking the presets and customize one as per your choice.
  • The app comes about emulating virtual surround and speakers. You can also set the audio output device.
  • You can now watch videos online and get its screenshots too.
  • Accessing Dailymotion, YouTube and Vimeo gets easier through this app, you need not go through the tedium of first setting the browser too. Plus you stay free from frustrating ads with the help of the expedient Open Online Video option.
  • Go ahead capturing screenshots of the movie easily or of the whole video if you want


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