Monday 19 February 2018
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Construction IoT Tech To Watch In 2018

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The Internet of Things has become one of the leading anchors of the digital revolution. It’s so powerful that significant analysts have predicted that its primary impact could value more than $11 trillion dollars a decade from now.

These estimates are based on the versatility of recent innovations that are happening in different industries, and one of which is the construction industry. That said, allow us to discuss the IoT construction tech trend that you should be watching for in 2018.

1. Further Development of Smart Buildings and Energy Saving Buildings

As the Internet of Things gains more popularity, it would also open the doors for smart buildings. It doesn’t matter if it is for public or business properties, or even homes, there would be a growing demand for buildings that can control light, heat, ventilation, and most especially, the security systems.

One of the technology trends to watch out for would be buildings that have smart sensors and microchips embedded in them even during the construction stage. This allows the building features to be readily available as soon as the building is.

Aside from being smart, it’s also expected that more buildings would even have energy-saving features that would dramatically reduce utility bills and ensure that the energy would be utilized efficiently. Designers would also begin to utilize energy-saving measures during the design process while paying attention to its environmental impact, as well as how to reduce carbon footprint during its lifespan.

2. The Use of UAVs

Unmanned aerial vehicles (better known as UAVs) are already being used in different fields, ranging from wildlife photography to military operations. Now, even the construction industry is utilizing this small aerial device in surveying sites, allowing them to create 3D pans capable of monitoring a real location time. Aside from that, they’re also useful for improving efficiency, productivity, and workplace safety.

Another amazing thing about drones is that they are capable of accessing remote locations and they are equipped with cameras that could collect data, complete safety inspections, capture progress, and much more. For that reason, surveyors utilize these to create 3D mapping or images that could be used to review the area. Drones are one of the trends to look forward to.

3. Smart Traffic Cones

With IoT technology, smart traffic cones would also be a part of the construction industry, and it would have sensors embedded into it. Through this, it would be possible to continually monitor everything happening within the construction site and alert those who are in charge in case of an accident.

4. Modular Buildings

For the past few years, modular buildings, houses, and the like have been gaining more popularity not only from those who are involved in the real estate but even in the construction industry as well. Everything is changing, and the world of technology keeps on evolving, In fact, you’d often see young professionals and millennials looking for ways on how they can improve the things around them. The demand for homes and buildings keep on getting higher and higher– not only in metro areas, but even in the suburbs, and remote places as well.

The reason behind its popularity is the fact that modular homes being developed off-site reduce the impact of the original landscape. They are known to be more efficient, and they also reduce the risks of incidents, offering a faster way to develop residential areas.

Basically, with modular constructions, you’ll have the ability to work off-site while being able to control and secure the scenario at the same time. The good thing about this is that they’re cheaper to build because those who are in-charge already have an idea on how to assemble this. Likewise, the build times are also proven to be shorter, and some builders even offer options on how to get a built with a possibility of being able to move it from one place to another.

The Future Of Construction Is Bright With Smart Tech

As the IoT technology continues to evolve, it would continually change the construction industry for the better, and construction professionals shouldn’t run from this, but embrace it as it would make their job easier and also improve workplace efficiency. The IoT technology brings a plethora of tools that could improve production and operations, while even being able to pay cost-saving features at the same time. So, to stay ahead of your competitors, it’s imperative that you accept this change.

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