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Published On June 20, 2017 | By Cornell Schlenker | Tech

Timesheets as the name suggests are tools via which time can be tracked. But the modern timesheets offer more functions that just tracking time. It has become one of the best ways to manage tasks, employees, freelancers, projects and thereby helps you to make your organization more efficient and thus more successful in the long run. You can use the software or even get the free printable timesheets.

Get the right timesheet for enhanced productivity


You get many types of timesheets, manual ones and the software. The key is to find one that does not require much time and which is easy to use. You can try testing different timesheets, there are even printable ones that you get online for free. Try with them and gradually, you can move on to the software which is more convenient.

A tip is KISS or Keep it Simple Stupid. At the end of the day, your employees have to use it and they can be motivated to use something only if they are convinced about and that it is easy to use. Nobody likes a timesheet hanging on their head. The simpler you keep it, the better will be the readiness to use it. Also, a simple timesheet means it is easy to user and that means it can also be more accurate. Complicated timesheets not only are time consuming but difficult to use and boring.

Instead of looking it as the time spent by employees on work or how time is being used productively, think about how they are spending time on a certain task. It will help you turn the unproductive time into more productive one and even convince the employees about how it can be done. Most of them will only be happy to be more productive and make changes accordingly. A timesheet is helpful in making payrolls more transparent and accurate which is of course helpful to employees but it should not be treated only about cost but the timesheet data should be able to also look at how work is managed and how better can work get done so that minimum time, effort and cost is involved.

Using a timer is a good idea to record the actual time spent on work. If every time recording time thus is difficult, then it means that there is too much disruption at work or there is more of job switching. This can be prevented if a team concentrates on a single task instead of multi-tasking. This is a good way to increase efficiently and thereby productivity. You can also use free printable timesheets to see how time and tasks can be managed more effectively.

A timesheet should be looked as a tool not just to improve the productivity and work of employees but also owners. It should be treated as a helpful tool and not as an intrusive one. This is possible only when both employers and employees work hand in hand to elevate it from a time tracking tool to an efficient management tool. Only then you can ensure that the productivity of your organization shoots up.

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