Tuesday 24 April 2018
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All That Custom Software Development Companies Do

Custom software is a kind of software developed to a specific department in an organisation with a motto to address special needs of group of users. Unlike off the shelf software applications which are targeted at larger audience as common platform for diversified requirements, Custom software is more in to individual or organisational requirements. For example, MS word can be used by any company or individual for personal and professional purposes.  However, there can be some sole company software like Webmon which enables users to apply CAMO unscramble to hyper spectral data.  Velvetech LLC – Custom software Development Company is a popular organisation offering various custom software to modern IT companies. It was established in the year 2004 and has won many awards for their outstanding service.

Various services that are in their list are Custom software development, Business technology consulting, managed IT services, web and mobile apps and Digital marketing and creative services.  With more than a decade of experience and 1000+ projects delivered, this Chicago based company boasts of world class companies like HP to be their clients.

Software development services: For Some companies existing software do not suit and hence need an all new setup to achieve a definite target. Based on company’s goals software is designed, developed and implemented with customised software. Ex: Software created by Existek for café franchise.

Software integration: Here a software is purchased and integrated in to your business where experienced programmers help in understanding the problems that arise from integration.

Support and maintenance: Once the software is developed or integrated, it has to be maintained properly.  Minor modifications in existing software can bring vulnerablechanges but only with experienced support engineers.

Web apps: Today’s business revolves around web. With smart web applications you can improve customer traffic to your website and this pushes up productivity in return.  They undertake projects of various dimensions from developing existing ones to new software solutions.

CMS development: They implement custom content management solutions (CMS) which can help you in getting control over corporate content.  CMS and ECM systems help you to achieve more business and customers by enhancing website’s appeal and look.  They provide you with great security.

B2 B and B2C web solutions: Website is the place where you can have customer interactions, procurement, supply chain management and other business proposals.  From complex websites to web applications everything is a part of custom software company’s work.

Ecommerce platforms:  In a world where all transactions are online ecommerce solutions are by far the best in playing a major role in B2B and B2C companies’ success. Here various departments like sales, marketing, service and promotions are integrated to get the optimum out of each unit.

IT services: Various IT services are provided by custom software companies like cloud computing, information security and data migration. Technology solutions and consultation are provided to streamline all business processes.

Process automation:  With advanced technology implementation, many challenges that come in the way are resolved with holistic approach and end-to-end data encryption.  Providing new age technical methodologies to business will enable clients focus on their best.

Mobile apps: Some custom software companies also develop new apps for various platforms like ios, android.  Right from giving software requirements to putting them on play store all smart and secure solutions are carried on by Custom software developers.

With day by day advancement in technology, the services of these companies are only going to increase in the coming days.