Monday 19 February 2018
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Airy- A perfect YouTube Downloader

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing website across the world. Downloading YouTube videos was a daunting task earlier, but recently YouTube has implemented an offline video watching feature. However, you cannot watch these videos anywhere else, except by opening on YouTube itself. To overcome this, there is one very efficient app that can help download videos on Mac. Airy is a perfect YouTube downloader that can download videos from YouTube channel or playlist.

Download and install Airy app on your Mac. This app provides both, Free as well as paid versions. The free version offers two YouTube downloads. If you are a frequent YouTube watcher, go for paid version. The paid version can be downloaded from the developer’s website of Airy.

Here is a list of activities you can perform with the most efficient Airy YouTube downloader.

  • A playlist is collection videos. With the help of Airy downloader one can download the complete playlist created. You can effortlessly download videos from YouTube.
  • YouTube channel is also a very popular section of YouTube. A group of videos are arranged in such a way that its audience can easily opt for, of their choice. Airy gives you a remarkable feature to download the complete channel in one go.
  • A user creates an account on YouTube to use it. YouTube creates a list of all favorite as well as all uploaded videos by that particular user. This is known as user’s video. Airy makes your work easier as it allows downloading the user’s video as well.

Just copy and paste YouTube channel or playlist link on Airy that you wish to download and enjoy the feature. You can save audio as well, by selecting MP3 format. You can download videos singly as well; no need to download a whole channel if all you want is a single video.

Downloading group of videos is discussed above, but if you wish to download a single video, same procedure need to be followed of copy and pasting YouTube video link on Airy. So, why to waste time in buffering, download all videos from YouTube with Airy and enjoy.