5 Must-Have Task Management Skills for Entrepreneurs  

Published On October 18, 2016 | By Cornell Schlenker | Tech


Every entrepreneur needs to learn effective project management skills to run their business operations as efficiently as possible. Many entrepreneurs have trouble estimating the effort, time and budget required for a successful completion of a project. Incorrect resource allocation, missed deadlines, scope changes and insufficient budget are a few reasons why majority of project fails.

Project management is all about leading and managing projects right from the beginning till completion. To successfully complete a project is indeed a daunting effort for many entrepreneurs as it requires hard work, determination and competencies. A project manager must be able to address all the project management issues and get the project finished while achieving targets in budget, quality and schedule.

So what it takes to make a super project manager and how they can turn an ordinary project to extraordinary?  In this post, I have compiled a list of must-have task management skills needed for highly effective entrepreneurs.

  1. In-depth Understanding of Project Management

Project management certification is one of the most essential skills a project manager must have to lead a successful project. Great leaders not only have years of experience managing projects, its challenges and everything related to project management. A project manager understands what risks a project can face, how things can go wrong and how to come up with a perfect solution to handle a situation.

  1. They Appreciate their Team

A competent project manager always ensure that a project delivers the best and quality outcome and doesn’t play the blame game. Great managers protect their teams when criticism is pouring down and do whatever possible to make things better. Similarly, when things are going smooth and in the right direction, they ensure that resources who do the real work are rewarded of it on hitting the milestone. They appreciate the strengths and qualities of their team they have shown for making the project a huge success.

  1.  They Organize Things So Efficiently

A successful project manager knows how to organize and prioritize tasks effectively. The best managers break the large project into manageable portions of tasks. Knowledge of task management tool such as TaskQue is a plus point that helps entrepreneurs to set realistic goals, calculate timeframes, create project reports, allocate resources and view project progress and resource performance.

  1. Sense of Ownership

An effective project manager has a great sense of ownership and he takes full responsibility for the results. A strong manager also takes complete responsibility to overcome failure and openly gives credit to his entire team for success. While a weak project manager always take credit for success and blame his team for the failure.

  1. They Build Great Teams

A great way to accomplish your project goals is make every team member feel like they are actually contributing to the project success and it’s a collective success. Building great teams takes a lot of efforts and time. Great PMs look at the wider picture and lay out the sections so they know exactly what efforts they need to put to make their team strong enough. Moreover, they never stop encouraging, leading, protecting and celebrating their team. A PM can’t become successful without his team’s support. They manage everything so well and are always ready to take responsibility for everyone related to the project delivery. They support their team and remove all the productivity blocks that may stand in their way of success.

Wrapping it Up

From planning, to execution, monitoring to controlling, and closure of a successful project, everything seems so daunting at first. Learning the tools for project management and tricks to managing projects smartly is the key to accomplishing a successful project. Learning, developing and practicing these skills will surely help entrepreneurs to execute a project successfully that will surely increase the ROI for your business.

This article talks about the importance of project management that is the crux of success for any project manager. There are many aspects of a project that need to be handled right from the planning to the implementation stage. As any business can work on different deliverables on project basis, how projects are designed, resources allocated, budgets managed as well as deliverables is the crux of any successful project management.

In order to be successful in project management a business or project owner can undergo a certifiable course like Scrum master certification. Such a course will help one to understand the nuances of project management such as breaking down a project into manageable tasks, setting realistic timelines for deliverables, managing crises and budget allocations and team management. A course helps one to appreciate such aspects of project management and make them prepared to handle projects more efficiently and with greater success.


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