Tuesday 24 April 2018
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5 Common Myths about Web Design You Should Never Believe

For any business to succeed in the digital world, a very compelling web design is quite essential.  An attractive web design will play a crucial role in determining as to how users would perceive your business.  Despite the popularity of web design, there are several misconceptions regarding web design surrounding for a while.  Here are the top 5 SEO web design myths, you ought to never believe.

Myth 1:  “A Mobile Responsive Web Design Isn’t Useful, Since My Visitors Use a Desktop Computer”

Fact: Usage of mobile devices is only expected to rise with each passing day, which is why most businesses are ready to invest millions in crafting a user-friendly mobile responsive web design.  Relative to desktop usage, it has been found that consumption of internet on mobile devices has been skyrocketing through the years.  This is one of the reasons why optimizing your website for cell phones and tablets is more than necessary.

Myth 2: “Using My Own Images Isn’t Mandatory When I Have Stock Photos”

Fact:  Yes, there are millions of stock photos available for you to access and use, however it is important that you have your own visuals as well.  Using your own images will make your website stand out and gives you an opportunity to tell your own story.  Just make sure that all your photos are given professional touch-ups and are adequately customized.

Myth 3: “Accessibility Is Pricey and Ugly At The Same Time”

Fact: Website accessibility facilitates easy access to your website for those with special abilities.  Accessibility is a great tool that breaks barriers between people, by providing equal access to the content in your website.  Analyze your target audience and create an accessible web design wherever necessary.  For instance, buttons and call-to actions shall be sized a tad bigger for easy visibility.

Myth 4: Testing Your Website on Multiple Devices is Useless

Fact: With a myriad of devices available today, testing your website is absolutely essential.  Different devices render website in a different manner, hence it is recommended that you get your website tested to see if it’s optimized as per standards.  Just because your website looks great on your phone doesn’t mean that it would work well on a tablet or a desktop computer.

Myth 5: “It Is OK To Solely Focus On the Homepage”=

Fact: Your homepage might be the most visited webpage of all, but it is imperative that you pay equal attention to all your web pages.  You home page will actually generate first impressions amongst the visitors and determine how your brand will be perceived by them.  However, a website that is rich in quality content will always be preferred by Google, when it comes to ranking in the search results page.

Ready to get started?  Deal with an experienced web design company in Albuquerque, convey your requirements to the experts, and create an attractive website today.