4 Mobile Apps that Help UAE Residents Get Their Lives Back

Published On July 25, 2017 | By admin | Tech

Everyone seems like struggling with his own life these days. They are so busy keeping up with daily tasks that 24 hours in a day doesn’t seem enough to manage the life. Where kids are getting back to school, traffic is so bad, the never-ending office work has become a great hassle, and most of all the work at home that is already piled to take care after coming back; all these tasks have been quite tough to manage simultaneously.

Like all humans, you must caught up on this familiar tick-tock life. If so, Mobile App development UAE has come up with some immediate and quick-fix solutions to make your life more organized. What you need to do is simply download some mobile apps that promise to make your life much simpler. However there are plenty of options on the global and local app store, following are a few top picks amongst them all.

  1. RTA’s mParking Apps

In overcrowded areas of Dubai, it is very difficult to find a parking spot. It gets worst when you catch up in the middle of a meeting and get late by a few minute while finding a parking or getting done with some parking fines.

RTA’s mParking service stands as a boon in this case. Whenever your parking ticket is about to expire, the app already alerts you through a text message so you can easily renew it before time. When you mobile alerts you, it won’t either make you waste your precious time or money in fines.

  1. Children’s School Apps

It really works for parents. Many schools come with their mobile apps so it greatly helps parents to keep a track of important things going on at school. Newsletter links to calendar events, school news, sports and extra-curricular, and even reminders; everything can be accessed through such apps. You must use these apps if intending to keep up with everything important in your child’s life.

Check out your child’s school if they offer such app and download it on your device. All the reminders will keep you aware of what’s happening in your child’s life.

  1. Get a Location Reminder App

More often than usual, we leave home with a lot of to-do tasks going on in our heads, which are likely to be forgotten by the time we reach work. If you show such vague traits, it is essential to getting a location reminder app installed in your mobile device. A lot of such apps are available for download, so you can effortlessly remind yourself regarding a certain to-do task.

For instance, you are running out of milk, the app will remind you while driving near a grocery store.

  1. Apps to manage In-house Inventories

Believe it, technology is rapidly hitting the mark of getting things into reality. As a matter of fact, when it allows you to keep a track of everything in your fridge, you never run out of grocery. Such apps allow you to access a list of all the category-by-category and even location-based household items. In addition, you may also know about a product’s expiry through such apps.

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